An Easy Christmas Tree Canvas Painting Project for Kids

You know what really makes the holidays fun? Holiday crafts, of course! Ever since my son’s first Christmas, we have completed holiday crafts together every year. It has become a nice tradition and bonding time more than anything else. For the first three years, I’ll admit I was the one doing the majority of the crafts, but this year my son is four and I wanted him to do most of the project himself. He was able to paint this beautiful Christmas tree on a canvas panel with minimal assistance, by following the steps below.


This project is totally affordable! We were able to complete three beautiful canvas projects for under $10. You can find these materials at Walmart or your local craft store.

  • 11 x 14 Canvas panel (you can use any size though)
  • Acrylic paint
    • Green (for the tree)
    • Yellow (for the ornaments and the Christmas star)
    • Silver (for the ornaments, but you can use any color you wish)
    • Red ( for the ornaments, but you can use any color you wish)
    • Brown (for the trunk)
  • Permanent Marker (for your child to “sign” their name as the artist)
  • Have your child wear old clothes because acrylic paint is almost impossible to take off of clothes

How to do the Christmas Tree painting:

A child around age 4 only has an attention span of about 10-15 minutes, so it took us about three different sittings to complete this. I also wanted the paint to dry completely in between each step.

Step One- Outline the Christmas Tree on the canvas. I recommend using a pencil lightly. This outline was a guide for my four year old. Then outline the trunk and star. I would also recommend outlining the star in yellow, because the gray pencil will show through the yellow paint.

Step Two- Have your child begin painting the tree by outlining the tree in green. Then instruct your child to do vertical paint strokes all the way down the tree. We took a break here.

Step Three– Paint the trunk brown and star the same way. We took a break here.

Step Four– Make sure the green from the tree is completely dry because you will be painting over the green. Paint dots as ornaments throughout the tree. We used yellow, silver, and red, but you can use any color your child would like. Then, your done! Just have your child sign their name! Easy Peasy lemon squeezy!

            When we were done, my son was so proud of himself. He couldn’t believe that he painted the whole thing! The best part of all was, we got to spend quality time together. It was a win, win! We also painted two Christmas Wreaths with the same steps and I plan on giving those to family members as gifts.

Merry Christmas! Hope you and your child will enjoy painting this Christmas Tree as much as we did. Please share your paintings with us.  We would love to see them!