How I organize

Toy Organization with Purpose

Since our twins are 14 months old and walking now, the space in our cozy cottage is getting smaller. We have toys from our four year old, plus new toys that the twins have received.  One afternoon recently, after being overwhelmed by the mess of toys scattered through out my living room, dinning room, kitchen, etc, I decided that I had enough.  If you have been looking for ways to organize your toys for your kiddos here is a plan that I came up with for my babies’ toys which are the ones that are usually all over the place. Here are the 9 categories that I kept:

  1. Wood blocks- I combined classic wood blocks  and a farm animal block set that I had.
  2. Animal Figures- Safari animal play set and an ocean animal set that I had.
  3. Balls- Footballs, basketballs, sensory balls, all balls
  4. Books- I kept about ten books and put the rest back in the book shelf in the twins room.
  5. Instruments- Things like drums, tambourines, triangle with stick, rhythm sticks, cymbals, etc.
  6.  Transportation and People- Cars, helicopter, buses, and Little People figurines
  7. Stuffed animals-  a teddy bear, one Mickey Mouse, One Elmo, no need for so many. We picked out our favorite ones and donated the rest.
  8. Puzzles- I did invest in a puzzle rack and I love it so much. I am able to keep all of the pieces together. I only pull out one or two puzzles at a time.
  9. Dress Up Items- Costumes like superhero masks, capes, hats, glasses, doctor items, etc.

All of these categories of toys are in separate baskets and bins in a place where the babies can not reach. I plan on bringing out one, two, or three bins out during their play times.  We will also do clean up time and they can sort the toys back into the appropriate bin. Sorting is also a math lesson (Did you know that?). What kind of toys did I get rid of you ask?

  • Broken Toys
  • Toys with missing pieces
  • Cheap drive-thru toys
  • Toys that did not follow the values that I want to instill in my children.
  • Loud toys- I would much rather hear my son “vroom, vroom, vrooming” than a loud obnoxious recording.

After completing this,  I realized that with less toys my children get to focus their playtime on the better and more enriching toys that can sometimes get lost in the heap of toys piled into toy chests and bins. My four year old noticed how hard we worked to organize our house and he also learned the value of giving to people who are less fortunate since we donated a lot of toys. 

Overrun by toys, no more!

If you have any other categories that you think I am missing please let me know. I would also love to read any of your ideas, comments, or suggestions for toy organization.