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The New Britax DualFit Harness-2-Booster Seat Review

This car seat can be used with the straps or with a regular car seat belt as your child grows.

Reaching a new milestone is always a really big deal in our home. Our four year old was really excited when he discovered that he was transitioning into a “booster” seat. He couldn’t wait to rip that huge car seat box open and try it out. We have had the seat installed for about month now, so I wanted to share with you some reasons why we are loving this car seat.

Setting Up the Booster

Before we actually installed the booster, we inspected it to make sure all of the parts were intact. Which they were! The DualFit User Guide was easy to read and understand. Then, we started making all of the necessary adjustments for the safety and comfort of our son. It was all really simple! I really liked how easy it was to adjust the buckle part that is in between the legs. The picture below shows how you simply turn and push the buckle fabric through the slot into the other slot. There was no need to even turn the car seat upside down like other car seats!

As we continued to set up and install the booster seat, we noticed that the tether straps pulled the car seat from both the left AND right sides of the car seat. My husband and I felt like this V-tether strapping system would make the car seat very stable and secure in the case of an accident.

Features I love about this Britax DualFit -Harness-2-Booster Seat

  • It has two cup holders. Trust me, that will come in handy and hold more than just cups and snacks.
  • This Booster has an impact-stabilizing steel frame.
  • It has two layers of side impact protection.
  • My son likes that the car seat has Foam lined headrest for a little extra comfort.
  • The straps and buckle are easy to undo, which is a huge pro for me, since I have one year old twins in car seats too!
  • Right now, I am using the booster with the straps and buckle in the front, but this booster can easily be used as a harness free booster seat because the straps hide away easily into compartments behind the fabric. See picture below for what it would like like without the straps.
  • Once I change this seat from harness mode to booster mode, it will be good to use until my son is 100 pounds and as tall is 58 inches.

I strongly recommend this car seat for any child who is ready for a forward facing seat. If you would like to read more about the DualFit Harness-2-Booster Seat and some useful Booster Tips, I am going to include the links below:

Our son’s safety is important, but so is his comfort. It is SAFE to say that we are all very happy with the new DualFit Harness- 2- Booster Seat.

*Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.