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Last Minute Easy Ways to Make Dad Feel Special this Father’s Day

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really mean the most to someone. This year, I wanted to make my husband, the father of my kids, feel a little extra special on Father’s Day. Since, our life is hectic and crazy these days with the twins, I was searching and thinking of some easy ways the kids and I could show much we appreciate all of the things he does for our family. Here are a few ideas of things we might do, and I wanted to share these ideas with you because, why not?

  1. Show for Dad– If you have older kids they can come up with some sort of short performance for Dad or if you have younger kids they can sing two or three songs that are dedicated to Dad. Let your kids choose the song and have them practice it with hand movements and/or props. You can even pull out those old Halloween costumes! Dad and Mom get to sit back and enjoy the show!
  2. Thankful Note Hunt– You and your child can think of 5 different specific things you are “thankful” for Dad for and write them down on 5 pieces of paper. Then the night before Father’s Day hide the notes with the children and tell Daddy not to peek. In the morning, Daddy goes on a “note hunt” with the help of the kids and reads each note aloud. What a nice way for Dad to start the day by feeling appreciated.
  3. Free Time– Give Daddy the day or morning off. Tell him to go play a round of golf, go for a bike ride, run, watch a TV show etc. Mom and kids can bake or make something for Dad while he is gone.
  4. Bake or Make – While Dad is having his “free time” bake his favorite cookies or muffins. Make it manageable for your family (buy store-bought cookie dough, if you need too) . Another idea would be to cook/make his favorite meal on Father’s Day. Have the kids help you prep, cook, set the table, etc!
  5. Print a Father’s Day Certificate – Here’s a Father’s Day Certificate that I found and really like. The kids can color it to make it their own! It makes him officially “The World’s Best Dad” when he receives that piece of paper, right?!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Father’s Day. Please feel free to comment below if you have any other fun easy ideas.