3 Fun and Easy Christmas Tradition Ideas for Families with Young Kids

With Christmas just a few days away and all of the craziness that surrounds it. Family quality time and building traditions and memories are also important. Most people say as a child, they mostly remember the family memories created each year around the holiday season, not necessarily the exact gifts they received. Here are three simple family traditions to make Christmas fun and unforgettable.

Do a Merry “Kiss” mas Hunt

It is like an Easter Egg Hunt but during the Christmas season. The only thing needed is a bag, bucket, or Christmas stocking to hold the sweet treats. Use sweet treats like Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate, and candy canes to fill the Christmas Stocking. Hide the candy around the house. When we did this we hid about five pieces of candy per child. They used their Christmas Stockings to hold the candy. Immediately after, I collected the stockings and hung them back up on the fireplace to keep them clean. My kids absolutely enjoyed searching high and low for some Christmas candies. The Merry ” Kiss” mas hunt can be done any time around the holiday season. This tradition is a keeper!

Go on a Christmas Lights Sight Seeing Scavenger Hunt

Make Christmas lights sightseeing a bit more entertaining with a scavenger hunt and a prize. You can quickly create a scavenger hunt as a family, or feel free to print this one below. Each child had a writing utensil and the sheet below to circle the Christmas decoration they spotted. Our rule was each house could only count for one Christmas decoration on the paper. We enjoyed singing to the Christmas tunes in the car as we shouted out all of the decorations we were searching for. Ideas for a prize could be stickers, dollar store trinkets, chocolate, a Christmas book, extra t.v. time, etc.

Easy and Organized Christmas Morning Breakfast

Try these steps for a smooth and enjoyable Christmas morning without hangry family members. Use easy stick-in-the oven meals that will be warming up as you are opening gifts. We usually do this easy quiche recipe, cinnamon rolls, fruit, and nuts for our Christmas Morning Breakfast.

Step 1: The night before Christmas, have a family meeting or pow-wow about what the expectation is for Christmas morning. In our house, the kids have this Ready to Rise Clock, and if they wake up before the designated time, they can quietly read books in their room. They do not open presents without us because they understand we want to share that family quality time with them.

Step 2: Once everyone wakes up, they grab their beverage of choice depending on age—water, juice, hot chocolate, mimosa, etc. Preheat oven.

Step 3: Put the food in the oven and set a timer on your phone, watch, Alexa, whatever you will hear.  

Step 4: Open Presents Time! Enjoy the moment with your family instead of slaving away in the kitchen!

Step 5: The timer goes off. Depending on how much time you have left, you might want to put the oven on a low temperature or shut it off and leave the food in the oven to keep it warm.

Step 6: Take a Christmas Morning family photo with all of the paper and chaos around. Turn on your camera, put it on selfie mode, and set a timer. You can get a phone tripod like this. If you really want to get fancy! 

Step 7: End the morning with the family gathered around the table eating breakfast with sweet discussions, especially about gratitude. 

I hope you find these 3 Christmas tradition ideas simple and fun! Try them out and let me know how it goes. Remember as moms and parents, we do the best we can do with what we have. Keep the holiday season simple with some memorable quality family activities. Your child will be sure to remember them in the years to come.